8 01 2009

by: S. Andrews

g-spot-button1I know what you’re thinking….The G-spot is some magical button (like the Staples ‘That Was Easy Button’) hidden somewhere in the nether regions of a women’s body that when activated causes a woman to succumb to overwhelming, sometimes earth shattering pleasure. However….you are completely wrong my friend.  The G-spot is something completely different.


Let me elaborate. The G-Spot is a small little restaurant on the corner of 6th and Compton in South Central L.A. where gangsta’s come to enjoy a quick breakfast or lunch before a full day gangstag-spot-corner-copy4 activities, such as drive by shootings, knife fights, the sale of or procurement of narcotics, playing X-box or the ever popular Nintendo Wii, and sex.  The G-spot serves a wide variety of breakfast specials like 24-inch dub spinner pancakes with a side of bacon and orange juice, or ‘The Complete Ghetto Breakfast’ which features 2 eggs over “hard”, with hashbrowns or grits, bacon or sausage patties, 2 silver dollar pancakes and either  coffee or  a soft drink with unlimited refills.


The G-Spot also serves a quick lunch on the go for the Gangsta who has little time to get away for lunch. Call ahead and order the Jive Turkey Bacon Club sandwich with your choice of fries, potato salad, pasta salad, or for the carb conscious Gangsta fruit salad or a side salad with fa shizzle my dizzle dressing. You can also dine in and enjoy our chicken nuggets shaped like your favorite gangsta weapons like brass knuckles, baseball bats, gats and switchblades.


So come on down to the G-Spot where you can enjoy a robust breakfast or lunch while mingleing with fellow Gangsta’s or join in on pleasant conversations about the foo who disrespected you over off Hodges or about the Gangsta lien you’re going to put on that punks car for not paying you back that $20 you lent him last week while shooting dice.




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