9 01 2009

By: Dickey T


smokey-the-bear-copy2Sure it does, unless it lives in the zoo, then it craps on cold concrete. Duuhhh.  However, there is always an exception.  The exception in this case would be the obvious—-Smokey the Bear! 


Smokey the Bear doesn’t crap in the woods or on the concrete.  Do to his infamy in educating the public on forest fires, Smokey is the wealthiest bear on the planet.  Smokey is not only one hell of a spokesman bear, he isthe Hugh Hefner of the bear species.  With that said, Smokey the Bear craps on a golden throne, fully equipped with butt-fur dyer.  Oh yeah, his pad friggin rocks.





One response

15 01 2009

Them bear’s better crap in the woods! I don’t want no bear poop on my sidewalk, my driveway, my yard, or my porch. I better get out my traps just in case…..

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