14 01 2009

By: Dickey T

cavemanAhhh, nothing is sexier to a woman than a full head of hair, well, unless she’s a money hungry hag.  That would make diamonds and rubies the depiction of sexy.  Back to the hair, it doesn’t matter if its the shiny, perfectly wavey head of hair or the old hippie rocker ponytail (biker gotee mandatory), there is a woman out there that loves the hair.  A man can even have grey, no, white hair and it is looked on as an accomplishment.  If a man is 60 and still has a full head of hair, many people will actually consider him “successful.” 

However, many men have hair on over 90 percent of their body, yet are missing hair on the top of their think tank.  These men are in constant denial of what is happening and resort to comb overs, comb forwards and the whatever I have left old man faux-hawk.  I have heard excuses ranging from stress to “I’ve been married to that wench of a wife for 40 years, what do you expect.”

Stress, nor crazy wives steal a mans head of hair.  The truth is that it stems from the beginning of mankind’s existance.  The answer is short caves.  Cavemen learned to stand up straight.  Erect walking was suitable for hunting wild game, yet became a headache (literally) for trying walk in dwellings with a 5 foot ceiling.  Tall man, plus short ceiling, equals no hair. And there you have it.




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