What Keeps Intracellular Traffic Running Smoothly?

27 01 2009

By: S. Andrews
Some science nerd from Harvard may tell you that the key to smooth intracellular traffic is due to “membranes inside cells transporting key nutrients around, and through, various cell compartments without sticking to each other or losing their way”. I’ll be the first to tell you that if you hear that answer you scream shenanigans in this dude’s face because he’s obviously giving you a reach around. Look at the question people….it’s asking about intracellular traffic running smoothly, and what makes traffic run more smoothly than traffic lights and stop signs?
The real reason intracellular traffic runs smoothly is because of the very tiny little stop signs located at the mitochondria that allow the ribosomes to cruise on by to the fish taco stand after a quick morning surf. Or the yield signs set up at each nuclear membrane juncture so cytoplasts can get to the nucleus. Last but not least the most important component of smooth intracellular traffic are the little motorcycle cops waiting on the side of the vesicle just waiting for some punk chloroplast to swim by him at mach 10 with its tail on fire. That people is the real reason intracellular traffic runs smoothly not some stupid membrane transporting key nutrients. No wonder why the scientific community sucks. They’re idiots.




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