28 01 2009

Barney and Kermit fight to the death

By: Dickey T

Going green, going green, what in the heck is ‘Going Green’.  I used to think ‘Going Green’ was becoming money hungry or vomiting after St. Patrick’s Day, but all these sun loving, recycling fanatics have worn this term out.


The news talks about green homes, green cars, green heating, green energy, blah,blah blah, blah blah.  If you drive through the hood you might see a green house, but you will also see a purple house, a teal house, a yellow house and maybe even a bright fuchsia house.  So what makes green so special?


All this save the earth by ‘Going Green’ talk has stolen the spot light from Kermit the Frog.  I mean he’s actually green, and he lives in the forest.  You don’t get much greener than that. These SUV hating hippies should really think about getting Kermit on their side, he could probably pass a bill through congress.


Actually, I am completely wrong!   Now that I think about it Kermy wouldn’t help anybody, because he sings “It’s not easy being green.”  So listen to the frog you commies, and avoid the green.


 I believe the problem here is not the concept, rather it is the color GREEN.  Maybe if we changed the color to something like purple things would catch on. Yeah, I like that, go purple. 




One response

18 03 2009

Listen here you Son-of-a-Hippie. If you keep going down your current carbon filled path, your lungs are going to be filled with so much crude you won’t be able to paddle past the first break. Peace!

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