9 02 2009

Economic StimulusBy: Dickey T

The text books say an economic stimulus plan is a plan to better our economy and to help us avoid a recession.  According to our saving grace, also known as President Barack Obama, an economic stimulus plan is expensive, really expensive.  It is so expensive I quite doing the math after $900 billion.  This large chunk of money is going to support Manufacturing and Green Jobs, Provide Tax Relief, Support Education, Invest in New Infrastructure and Boast Spending in Science and Technology.


But this is all wrong.


First off you can’t plan to be stimulated.  If that sexy woman in the red dress and high heels walks by, you don’t plan on becoming ‘stimulated,’ it just happens. 


Secondly, there are 435 bald, old men in their blue suits, sitting in congress brainstorming on a ‘stimulus plan.’  The only thing these old farts will be the stimuli for is the sales of Viagra.  We are a pretty stupid nation to allow men who can’t get stimulated, to be in charge of the stimulating. 


Lastly, who is the woman in the red dress?  Is it China?  I personally don’t think so.  The opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics may have been really expensive (presidential requirement for stimulation), and very impressive or should I say ‘stimulating.’  However, I feel like China would do something amazing to stimulate you, then whip out a samurai sword and chop that stimulation to pieces. 


So, with that said, there is no way to arouse the economy with some brilliant plan…it will just happen when the time is right.  I say remove the blue suits in congress and replace them with the college sorority sisters from south Florida, adorned in form fitting red dresses, with matching heels.  That would make our economy reach heights never seen.




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10 02 2009

Love, love love this post- especially since there are something like 428 amendments to the stimulus bill.

10 02 2009
Dickey T

Thank you for such a great comment. What is your blog, I always like to see what others are writing about. If you enjoy our whole blog and not just that post, please leave us a question under the questions tab and we will answer the question, while trying to make you smile. In these economic times humor really is the best medicine. Thanks again.

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