18 02 2009

monkey-pimp-copy2By: Dickey T  

Oh, the wonderful life we would lead.  We would live where we want, travel where we want, and eat whatever we want.  Already that is where this question takes a turn…eating.  Most people would eat themselves fat, due to the shear fact they could buy all the tastiness they could gorge themselves with.  Humans are animals.  If humans were monkeys, we would be the fattest banana eating, poop throwing animal at the zoo. 

                That brings up an even stupider question. What if bananas took the place of money? 

That would mean every cartoon character that slipped off the side of a mountain on a banana peel would not get pissed.  They would be stoked to have wondered over lunch money. 

That would mean mom’s banana pudding is not just wholesome goodness, but could also be a down payment on a new Jetta.

And last but not least, humans would be overthrown and caged by monkeys.  So unless you like crapping in your hand and throwing it at camera equipped, Asian monkey tourists, count your money and your bananas, and consider yourself lucky.




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