Is Nancy Pelosi Really Satan?

25 02 2009

Nancy Pelosi = Satan

 By: Dickey T

I will start this question in saying, “I hate politics.  I hate the extreme left.  I hate the extreme right.”  I believe most people in our national government are not honest.  I believe most politicians are power hungry lawyers, looking to find their place in history.  With that said, I believe Nancy Pelosi could be the worst and I have untrue, undocumented evidence to prove it. 


She supported the economic stimulus plan, but only because she herself wanted to be the stimulus.  After being voted down by every old man in congress Pelosi went through a severely traumatic week, eating 700 Twinkies a day.  After eating 4900 Twinkies in one week, Pelosi vowed to stand up and sit down an astronomical 10,000 times while clapping for the president, during his speech to congress.


I do not dislike Pelosi for any one reason, even though she is a “devout” catholic and wants to kill babies.  She also clubs baby seals (satan song here  People blamed her for supporting Chavez and conspiring to support terrorism.  I don’t do that, but I do blame her for tempting Christ in the desert.


There are a number of similarities between Pelosi and Satan.  Satan likes fire, Pelosi eats tacos with hot sauce.  Satan took the form of a snake, Pelosi used gallons of Botox on her face—giving her a snakelike appearance.  Satan oversees angels cast from heaven, Pelosi is speaker of the house.  Satan likes power and so does Pelosi!!


Seriously have you seen those eyes.  Those are eyes that see through the exterior straight into the soul.  I don’t mean she knows people and has great disposition.  I mean she sees others souls and wants them for her and her cats (cats have recently been found to be the chosen pet of Satan). 


And last but not least, if you rearrange the letters in her name it spells: Penis Clan Yo!

I don’t know what that means, but that’s funny.




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26 02 2009

Penis Clan Yo….yo, that it funny.

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