What is Twittering?

13 03 2009

By: Dickey T

So, here is another term created by technology.  First it was email, than instant message, texting was the next phenom; blogging is entwined in there somewhere and now there is twittering.  From my understanding twittering is a form of ‘micro-blogging,’ where you share tidbits of information about yourself.  You tell what you are doing, what you eating, where you are going; at every second of every day.

Let’s look at this for a second.  All of these technological advances are based around communication about yourself.  Every teeny bopper that wants to become the next Britney Spears, every washed up Hollywood star, and John McCann are who you will find twittering.  Basically, twittering means: I am a self pompous ass and I am doing everything I can for people to pay attention to me. I know we usually give you answers here at Stupid Answers to Great Questions, but I am going to give a little advice in this answer.  Here it goes:


You can text, you can tweet, you can hold up a big yellow sign saying, “Hey look at me.  I’m the greatest.”  You can do whatever you want for attention, but basically get over yourself and your need for attention.  Yeah, there are people paying attention to you they are called stalkers.  So here is a ‘tweet’ for you…You’re An IDIOT.

Twittering is Stupid

Twittering is Stupid




8 responses

13 03 2009

seems like people love it or hate it … no middle ground there

15 03 2009

I don’t get it. I have no overwhelming need to let everyone know what I’m doing every 5 minutes. Whose life is that interesting?

19 03 2009


here’s a blog that I thought really captured the heart of why people use it – and why it sucks: http://gamewriter.videogamewriter.com/pop-culture/all-that-twitters-is-not-gold/

21 03 2009

What I hate about all this instant communication (i.e. texting, email, twitter, etc.) is that our “old” skills of exchanging information, such as talking and writing, deteriorate. Everything is reduced to emoticons, acronyms, and short-forms. Don’t get me started on spelling…

OMFG it sux!

27 03 2009

I just wrote a post about my take on the Twitter phenomenon. Enjoy (or not).



19 04 2009

Dumbing down is the name of the game. Does anyone actually write anymore? Penmanship must be at an all time low and most likely not even taught in school these days. What about daydreaming and being creative? Solitude and autonomy have become obsolete and this is all very Orwellian and creepy. People are willingly giving up privacy and creating their very own personal “Big Brother” atmosphere. The sheer stupidity of having the need to share every moment of one’s life is robot like and morbid. People are becoming mindless sheep and it is happening at a rapid pace. There are those that will gain from the stupefying affect that this will have on society. Thank goodness that I remain immune to the insanity.

18 06 2009

Robin…..very well stated!….TOM

17 03 2010
Jaquone Jefferson

Twittering is micro blogging in an 140 character perimeter.

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