29 03 2009

By: Rooney
I live in a pretty big city, and while it has its perks, there is one gargantuan pet peeve that I have come to manifest – cyclists and casual walkers wanting to share the road. Look, every big city has its traffic issues simply because of population, and this will always translate into one simple equation – big city + large population = lots of cars. It’s bad enough that the streets and highways are cramped with large SUV’s, slow elderly folk in Cadillac’s, spoiled brats in Mercedes, and lunatics on motorcycles. So, why do cyclists and people walking around with backpacks and iPod’s think they have a right to enter the equation and pollute the situation even more?


Maybe it’s not the cyclist or the walker that annoys me, but rather their attitude when you are minding your own business and drive right by them. I am so sick and tired of the cold, icy stare, as if to say I should just keep in line and continue going at a speed of 12 miles per hour while they peddle frantically in their flashy scuba gear and grab their water bottle and pour it all over themselves, or slam on my brakes with a wave of traffic behind me so they can cross the street 20 seconds sooner. Instead, they would prefer that I swerve into oncoming traffic to pass them or risk getting rear-ended so they can illegally adhere to their precious 4 feet of asphalt.


Listen, last I checked I am the one who has the automobile – an automobile that is 10 times bigger than you and can run you over! Now, I’m not saying that I would ever run anyone over with my car, but…..I know that when I am crossing streets or if I am on a bicycle next to a busy road I am always respectful of the almighty car, truck, van, SUV, bus, and semi truck. Its common sense people, streets and roads are for cars, not cyclists and walkers – we have licenses and license plates that allow us to be on them, you don’t! If you want to ride your Cannondale or break in your new pair of Asics then go find a park or trail somewhere in the woods. Odds are you’ll be much safer there and you won’t have to worry about getting a tread mark tattoo if you cross the wrong driver.


Again, it’s not the cyclist, the walker, or even the passion for their hobbies that gets under my skin…..it’s the attitude! And, well maybe a little bit of the passion,too. I just don’t understand at what point these people thought to themselves that it would be okay and accepted by motorists to take up a piece of the road or highway, and then throw a little sass if they didn’t get their way. Truth is all you cyclists and walkers, you will never be welcomed on the roads or highways. That’s just the way it is so get over it and get over your attention starved selves. And, if you can’t, then I suggest you pack up your leotards and New Balances and buy a one way ticket to France!


Peace, I’m out.




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