What Do Broken Teeth Dreams Mean?

22 05 2009
Broken Teeth Dream

Broken Teeth Dream

By: S. Andrews

There many times when people wake up from dreams and then try to decipher what they actually mean. For example there is a popular myth that if you ever land on the ground after falling off of a cliff in your dream then you will die in real life. Is this true?……Well I tell you this I’ve fallen off of many things never hitting the ground in my dreams and I have always woken up to tell the tale.

There are many other examples that I’m sure are out there but I don’t really care to research them right now because frankly, I’d rather be doing something else with my time like consuming a tasty Fat Tire Beer. However, the above question did tickle my fancy and I felt like I should…….as an upstanding humanitarian…..decipher the meaning of broken teeth dreams. By the way, just like many theories there is often more than one answer so here we go…..

Theory #1:  It means your life is out of control. It seems as though losing all of your teeth in your dream means your life is spinning periously out of control which in reality causes your teeth to fall out, because subconciously, your concious is spinning so fast your teeth fall out. Therefore the antidisciplinarism establishment juxtaposes remarkably within the confines of the enamel of broken teeth. If you have a hard time understanding this theory than maybe you should go to college and study astrophysics. I believe they cover this in year 2.

Theory #2: It means that while in your dream you should go to a Target, Walmart, CVS, etc. to purchase some superglue and glue your teeth back in. Often times people like to read into things to much and there is usually a much simpler answer like this one……If your teeth fall out, glue them back in.

Theory #3: It means you are hungry for Chic-lets. Because white chic-lets bare so much resemblence to teeth, perhaps one who is dreaming this dream has a deep desire to chew some chic-let chewing gum.

Theory #4: It means that before you wake up, you have to go to the dentist to get them fixed. Otherwise you will have lost your teeth in dreamworld forever. After many complicated sleep studies performed by very smart Harvard doctors, it has been concluded that if you break your teeth in a dream and wake up with out getting them fixed, then everytime you dream from that day on you will not have any teeth in your dreams ever again. And you can’t get them fixed, the damage is permanent. You can however, purchase dentures in your following dreams but they are very expensive and it’s been concluded that money in dream world is not valuable. This finding is comparable to the Mexican Peso in real life.

Theory #5: It means that the groundhog will see his shadow and there will be 6 more months of winter.




4 responses

2 12 2010

I knew you had no taste as soon as I read that you thought Fat tire was a good beer. I should have stopped reading then.. but for some reason I like watching train wrecks. Especially when it is an under educated moron trying to look down on other people.

5 12 2010

After the pedantic display of knowledge of which term in college your sentence is explained, you made the error of selecting the wrong ‘ to’; as in ‘too much’. So long and thanks for all the fish!

17 05 2011

Really man you are on a site like this people are looking for answers not someone to make fun of them… Quit wasting your time! Stop being an asshole!

25 07 2011

Wow! You went through every single word in this blog to find ONE error. I don’t agree with him but, seriously, give the guy a break.

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