Why are there State Birds?

1 08 2009
No Birds
No Birds
By: Dickey T
What is so damn special about birds?  I don’t understand why the United States has chosen to ‘officially’ have an assigned bird for each state.  I mean who really cares about birds, other than bird watchers.  There are several complaints about this issue, before we get to an answer here…so just hold on. First off, this country is not even creative enough to have a different bird for each state.  Four states have the mockingbird, seven states have the cardinal, six states have the western meadowlark, and there are a number of other multiples.  It is like each state just copied the other one and put no thought into this what so ever, but the people that made this decision were probably thinking the same thing I am.  That being, “this whole bird thing is a stupid idea.” Secondly, I understand having a state song, a state flag and even a motto, but again I bring up the importance of a bird.  Couldn’t we have at least had a cooler catagory like most dangerous animal or states most cuddly animal for kids. NO, we are stuck with birds.  Not amazing birds looking birds, like a parrot, just birds.  Small, normal, stupid looking birds.  As in all arguements, there are exceptions.  We must give credit to Delaware, New Mexico, and Louisiana.  Delaware has the Blue Hen Chicken, and having a chicken as a state bird is just awesome, plus they are yummy.  New Mexico has the Roadrunner.  BEEP BEEP.  This is only acceptable thanks to the cartoons, but it does pass.  Louisiana has the Eastern Brown Pelican, and the following makes the pelican great:  Strange bird is the Pel-i-can, holds more in his beak, than his bell-y-can. However, the answer here is…there is no answer.  HAVING STATE BIRDS IS JUST STUPID.  We should have ‘State Insects’ or ‘State Reptiles’ instead.  Insects and reptiles=cool.  Birds=stupid.