8 12 2009

With the increased social acceptance of men adopting more feminine characteristics such as the man purse, man manicures, man pedicures and metrosexuals, it’s not that uncommon to find more and more men expressing their emotions in the public arena. This was clearly evident when the all powerful, unstoppable, superhero like Florida Gator quarterback Tim Tebow was found crying after a devastating thrashing to the University of Alabama in the 2009 SEC Championship game. Following this heartbreaking loss, Tebow has since faced ridicule in the media for expressing his emtions like a 15-year high school girl who was stood up on prom night. However, not all is lost for this All-American college quarterback, if Tebow fails to succeed in the NFL, he’s been approached by a feminine product manufacturer to be the spokesman for a new line of manpons called Te-pons. While the market is small for a product such as this, it would clearly be a grandslam for this manufacturer if they can close this deal with Tebow, especially if his crying rants continue after future heart breaking losses.




One response

7 12 2010
harrison shulz

tebow would whoop your ass you pussy bitch, so what its his last game let him fuckin cry if he feels like it, ey hott shot let me ask you something… how many heisman trophies have you been up to grab? your a p.o.s. tool who has nothing better to do but roast on people that will accomplish more than you will ever dream of. Seriously how do you sleep at night knowing that on Tebow’s worst/prom night he will still amount to more than you , your family or ANY one you will EVER meet accomplishments.

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