How Do Blind People Know When They Are Done Wiping Their Butts?

21 12 2009
Poop On Toilet Paper

Poop On Toilet Paper

By: Dickey T

We here at Stupid Answers to Great Questions are amazed at the quality of questions our readers send in.  When this question of butt wiping was first read, it was bypassed as trash.  Who really wants to talk about using the restroom, and wiping butts at that? 

However, it does make one think.  What are their options?  They don’t smell the paper, do they?  Gross–I just threw up in my mouth.  They definately don’t taste the paper, do they?  Gross—I just threw up on the floor.  The only other sense is to touch, right?  Gross—but not throw up gross.

Luckily, we live in Jacksonville, Florida, which is only 20 minutes from the St. Augustine School for the deaf and blind.   We passed out a poll and these are the shocking results:

Triple Wipe with a Guess Finish  30%

Use a Bidet, Paper Only used to pat dry  20%

Wipe with your hand and wash up good when finished   1% (One weird, hardcore blind guy)

Blind People don’t Poop  49%

So there you have it.  Blind people only pee.  However, our poll made us think.  How did the one blind, hardcore guy know he was hardcore.  Makes you think.  My guess is that blind people really aren’t blind. Bamm!



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