26 01 2010

By: Rooney
As we are all aware Tiger Woods has managed to completely fall off the face of the earth after revealing multiple “transgressions” following his unfortunate late night car accident on Thanksgiving 2009. So many questions and so few answers have followed this strange situation, and it is mind boggling to think how Tiger has managed to stay hidden in a society over populated with paparazzi and whistle blowers. Thus, it begs the question “Where is Tiger Woods and why can’t we find him?”

We here at “SATGQ” think that there are WAYYYYY to many theories and guesses regarding Tiger’s whereabouts. That said, we want to open up the soapbox to you, our handful of loyal readers, and see what crazy and ridiculous ideas or guesses you can come up with.

This is your best chance to weigh in on this bizarre topic. Just comment with your answer and we will post the TOP 10 at the end of the week for everyone to enjoy!

C’mon give it your best shot!!!




2 responses

27 01 2010

Tiger is smoking sausage in Amsterdam for money. Well, really he is doing it because he likes it a lot, I mean, really really a lot, thats what the fight with his wife was really about, his sausage smoking habit, but now he could use the money too.

5 02 2010
William Witman

I hear his sex addiction has dragged him to classes and rehabilitation! He’s a wonderful man now!

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