12 02 2010

Tea Party

According to wikipedia, the Tea Party movement is a United State Conservative and libertarian protest movement that raises the concern that corporate america has control over certain people and they listen to made up stories which emerged in early 2009 partially in response to the federal government’s stimulus package and health care plan.

The movement originated in anti-tax protests and arose in response to the increase in the national debt as a result of the stimulus package, as well as the reaction to increases in home mortgage foreclosures despite TARP bailout money paid to the banks.

The tea party has stolen its name from ‘the real’ Boston Tea Party, which we all learned about in 5th grade.  For all you idiots out there who didn’ t pay attention to Ms. Franklin; basically a bunch of people dressed up as Indians, sorry, Native Americans and threw tea into the Boston Harbor. 

Many argue this tea party movement will have an impact on politics, not seen in current times.  This is far from the truth and further from the reason people start the Tea Party Movement.  That reason is pirates!

That’s right people– pirates are the reason for the Tea Party movement.  Well, pirates and colonial dress.  I mean the attire worn is pretty friggin sweet at these stupid events.  Indian outfits are cool, but pirate outfits just rock.  Some outfits actually made Johnny Depp jealous.  People argue its the politics, its not, its pirates.  I mean, who doesn’t like dressing up like a pirate.  ARRRRRGGGHH! Quick, fetch me a parrot and my wood leg—-wench!




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