17 02 2010

Seriously, what is so fascinating about The Cheesecake Factory? My wife and I stopped in on Valentine’s Day after dinner to grab a slice of cheesecake To-Go and the place was a freaking zoo! First, I had to drop my wife off to run in and get in line because I couldn’t find a parking spot within a half mile of the place. You would have thought Michael Jackson rose up from the dead and was holding a concert inside.

Once I parked and met her inside we waited about 15 minutes at the To-Go area to snag a slice of Chocolate Coconut cheesecake. That’s when I thought I was going to die. I was getting pelted by heart shaped balloons, everyone was fixated on their iPhones and Blackberries, and my precious white Nike’s were being trampled over like a 90 year old woman on crutches during the running of the bulls. Plus, I couldn’t even hear myself think it was so loud in there.

The cheesecake was good, I will give them that. But, the food? Well, the food in my opinion is mediocre at best. Just awful! That’s probably because their menu is bigger than my senior yearbook. How in the world can they serve fresh, halfway decent food when they have to stock a thousand different items daily? They must have an underground fridge the size of the governor’s mansion or something.

Truth is, The Cheesecake Factory is always slammed, and I don’t know why. Personally, I have never been there without having to wait at least than an hour for a table. No way am I going to sit there and wait in the circus lobby for mediocre food. Easily, you would have to plan out 3 hours minimum to eat at this place. Forget that noise!

The only credit I will give The Brutalcake Factory goes to the host and hostesses. They seriously must have some sort of degree in logistics to run that place and get people seated. I would be interested to see what the turn over rate for that position is. There has to be a new crop coming and going every month. Just too much stress to deal with. I know I could only take so much of hundreds of people staring at me every night and getting cranky while they wonder when their buzzer is going to vibrate.

Sad thing is, once the buzzer vibrates all they have to look forward to is thumbing through a novel to decide what’s for dinner and eating a less than average meal.

But, the cheesecake is good.




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2 04 2010

Have you seen the nutritional facts for the food they serve at cheesecake factory? A kids alfredo pasta has 1809 calories, 89g saturated fat, 652g sodium and 69g of carbs. This is not healthy for children to eat. After I saw the entire kid’s menu nutritional information on knowhereyoueat@blogspot.com I will never take my family there to eat again.

20 10 2010
brian acrin

Hi.. im doing research on the Chesse cake factory.. and I am wondering where this picture was taken.. thank you very much

Brian Acrin
Coastal Carolina University

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