11 03 2010

Greece is Broke!

In order to see why Greece is in debt, and officially working over the Euro, we must look at the daily routine of the average, young Greek man.

The Greek man wakes up around 9:30, but may sleep in until 11am. This all depends on how late they stayed out the night before. And yes, they do go out EVERY night. When a Greek man wakes up, his morning consists of smoking a cigarrette, going to the cafe, drinking a cup of coffee, smoking another cigarrette, talking smack about the Albanians, drinking another cup of coffee, smoking another cigarrette, sitting while looking as cool as possible, smoking another cigerette, waiting for their buddies to show up, thinking about lunch, and smoking another cigarrette.

The young Greek man then walks to his mother’s house to eat lunch. This is where he eats amazing food, talks to his mother about the fantastic weather, and heads back home soon after he finishes lunch. The reason he leaves so quickly is because it is now naptime.

After sleeping for a solid two hours, the young Greek man heads to the beach and lays in the sun, while drinking a cold beer with his friends and a couple young ladies. They hang out for a couple hours and talk about how awesome the club was last night and which club is going to be amazing later in the night to come. Of course all this is done while smoking as many cigarettes as humanly possible. The friends then say goodbye, but not for long, because they will be at the club together in a couple hours.

This is all followed by eating, more cigarrettes, laughing, arguing, laughing at arguing, arguing about laughing , and of course, agreeing that Greeks are the creators of everything on the planet. Young Greek men then proceed to the club.

Other activities that are thrown in during the week of a young Greek man include playing soccer, watching soccer, being amazed at soccer, shopping, a second nap, texting, arguing about politics, arguing about women, arguing about stuff, and arguing about nothing.

So, Greece is in debt do to the country not owning their own cigerette factory and lack of male production in the work force.




2 responses

16 03 2010

You are so wrong!
We actually own many Cigarette factories 😀

17 03 2010
Dickey T

Thanks for your comment, but you have to look at quality. Being married to a Greek, I understand Greece’s need for quality: Great Food, Great olives, Great Clubs, Great Suntans, Great Shopping, Great Sandy Beaches, etc. HOWEVER, Greece’s local cigarette and beer for that matter is crappy. I will give George Karelias and his sons some credit for there smokes, but Mythos and Athenian Beer is another reason you are in debt. I know you have Amstel, but Amstel is not a “Greek” Beer. Speaking fo Karelias and Sons, that brings up another question. Why is everyone in Greece named George?

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