Who is the “Man with the Golden Voice?”

17 01 2011

What a great story to hear.  This story of a homeless man holding a sign and becoming another internet sensation.  Thank you youtube.  Well “The Man with the Golden Voice” is named Ted Williams.  He is a homeless man from New York, who now is supposedly doing Cleveland Cavalier’s announcing duties, but is now also in rehab.  Whhhaaaattt…a homeless man recovering from drug use. This is shocking.  And what better to help a recovering addict, than to throw him instantly into the limelight.  Ahhh, the media…oh how I love thee.

But really who is he. Who is this Ted Williams?  Who is this “Man with the Golden Voice?”  Well, let’s look at his attributes and link them to another person in the limelight:

1.  Ted Williams has an amazing speacking voice, yet, reads mostly what other’s write.

2.  Ted Williams looks to be of African American decent, with potentially a hint of Asian thrown in.

3.  He is a Democrat.  How do I know this? Well, he is homeless and probably loves government incentives. soooo…badda bing badda boom.

4.  Ted Williams has a great smile.

And finally, Ted Williams is a man of HOPE.  He is the absolute meaning of YES WE CAN.  Ted has received the AMERICAN DREAM.  Ted Williams is (drumroll please)……………………

BARACK OBAMA’S FATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Just look at these pictures and tell me you are not 100% convinced.  BAM..stupid answers rocks and we are legit.

Barack Obama and His DAD




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