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11 02 2009
Richard M

What is aurora borealis and where can I get some?

9 03 2009
lance grantham

What would have happened if the Coyote caught the Roadrunner? i have some ideas, but would like some insight.

18 03 2009

Magic has been HIV positive since 1991, what type of HIV does that dude have???

22 03 2009

If Janet Reno was a guy who would she look like?
or maybee a better question is: Is Janet Reno really a female????

10 04 2009

Why do babies smell so good?

30 04 2009

Who is Dow Jones and why does he have so many mood swings?

8 05 2009

Why do guys have nipples?

24 06 2009

Does a bear shit in the woods?

21 07 2009

How will the governments reckless spending help our economy? Who is going to bail out the USA?

4 12 2009

how do blind people know when they are done wiping thier butt.

18 11 2010
Jeff Dizzle

when their thumb breaks throught the toilet paper and goes up their ass.

22 01 2010

My 7 year old little neighbor asked, “Is Santa Clause a republican or a democrat?”

3 02 2010

Why do squirrels run back and fourth when you’re about to run them over?

29 11 2010

I always wonder that too….great question

10 04 2010

What is New Zealand famous for?

11 04 2010

Why do they call burgers “HAM BURGERS” when they are made of beef not pork?
when I think HAM I assume its pork……?

18 11 2010
Jeff Dizzle

Why do my balls hang lower in a hot shower?

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